Our business focus is in residential and commercial design and developments; we are keen on detail, quality, excellence and efficient service provision.

SDDL is a design and development firm with a vibrant, dynamic and well-experienced team of professionals in different sectors of the built environment. We have our business focus on residential and commercial properties.

SDDL is a limited liability company incorporated in November 2014. We have developed and are dedicated to a growing passion for improving and enhancing the built environment with keen attention to detail, quality, luxury and efficient service delivery by continually applying innovative methods to meeting peculiar needs.

essential support member. Over the years, it has offered its services to the development of the built environment through its experienced team of professionals and has carved a niche for itself in efficient and excellent service delivery to its numerous clients.



To be one of the best Design and Development Companies while making dreams a reality.




To infuse quality into the existing built environment while providing efficient services to all our clients.